Mechanical gear components


Among the types of product where the sintered product is more competitive than other technologies we have components for :

  1. mechanical transmission
  2. gears and toothed sectors
  3. flat cylindrical or surface cams.

The high ratio between high performance and affordable price reaches its peak in the production of toothed systems for motion transmission.

The main characteristics of the components are:

  1. high precision (already after the sintering phase);
  2. considerable freedom of shape of the teeth and of the conjugated profiles;
  3. possibility to perform all conventional treatments on gears.

Shot Peening and Rolling

Of particular interest is the shot peening or rolling process on sintered gears.

Carried out before carburizing treatment, it makes their performance superior to those obtained with conventional carburizing steels.

News in self-lubricating components

The latest discovery, in the field of noise and self-lubrication, is a particular type of surface treatment in which, thanks to the residual porosity of the sintered product, it is now possible to perform an impregnation in PTFE which leaves, after the treatment and an appropriate polymerization, a solid film of 0.005-0.008 mm capable of withstanding up to 200MPa of pressure while remaining integral with the body.
This effect is made possible by the porosity which acts as a bonding agent for the polymer.

After this treatment it is also possible to perform operations such as calibration and rolling, to recover the loss of tolerance due to the variability of the film thickness.

The advantages of this treatment are:

  1. the reduction of friction between the teeth, which results in a very gentle and silent sliding;
  2. a significant decrease in wear on the teeth due to the pitting;
  3. in some cases, the possibility of making the components work without oil or grease.