R.Biemme-Tech mainly produces mechanical components using the metallurgy of metal powders, as a qualified partner for OEM solutions, industrialized in collaboration with the customer.
R.Biemme-TECH believes in the process of innovation and continuous improvement of all business processes primarily starting from the training of human resources.

Today, with great attention, the company face to the sector in which the benefits of sintering are clearly revealed as an efficient and effective choice: mechanical components intended for use applications (both industrial and for the consumer market), where high production volumes require the same precision and convenience in the quality / price ratio.

Products and Solutions

R.Biemme-Tech has as its main objective the satisfaction of its customers, in every aspect and detail, listening to and solving the most diverse needs, both in the economic and technological fields.

It is able to offer customers and partners:

· The production of high-precision metal components in metal (including molds and prototypes);

· Design and coengineering services (also following the subsequent phases of prototyping, verification and production);

· Absolute transparency and total guarantee, thanks to choices that favor quality and convenience in sharing company choices.

The Future of Mechanics

"R.Biemme-Tech is strongly convinced that the new frontier in the mechanical field is the industrialization of products.

Strengthened by this vision and its corporate philosophy, today R.Biemme-Tech represents the ideal partner for the development of OEM applications and components thanks to:

· Analysis of construction problems and more functional solutions that optimize the customer product;

· The assurance of high performance in powder metallurgy at a comfortable quality/price ratio;

· The safeness of qualified technical staff, able to follow the customer during the study, prototyping and industrial start-up of the product."

The Story

R.Biemme-Tech was born in the 2000 as an internal department of R.Biemme srl.
In 2004 it became an independent company with individual orientation on the powder metallurgy market to follow in a more specific way the Sintering further developing and expanding the management of technical, production and commercial process.
In 2006 was started the construction of an internal department for the design and construction of equipment, acquiring cutting machines, also with the aim of offering a rapid prototyping service for customers interested in discovering the advantages of technology without having to spend expensive resources on molds;
In 2007 the first fully automatic sinter tempering system was installed;
In 2010, the first high-temperature sintering plant for stainless steel and high-strength steel was acquired, with thermal capacity up to 1400 ° C in a controlled atmosphere;
In 2012, the first handling robot was acquired for the handling of components with medium-high runs;
In 2012, the first 100% contactless production line control system was acquired;
In 2013, the plan for doubling the production capacity was launched;
In 2013, the installation of the metallographic laboratory inside the company was completed, capable of performing and managing the most modern techniques for relating the metallographic structure of sintered steels;
In 2014, the installation of resources was completed to allow for a higher production capacity.
In 2015, the production capacity in the tool shop was increased with two new EDMs
In 2016 a SACMI 250Ton press was added

In 2017:
- Beginning of doubling the internal capacity of the mechanical processing department on sintered components
- Start of the efficiency project with Lean Management in production - definition of the new layout.
- Purchase of a new sintering furnace to double the production capacity in sintering.

In 2018
- Beginning of works for new production layout, first Lean project.
- Installation of a new 300 kg/hr oven.
- Purchase of n°3 robotic islands for interlocking.
- Purchase and installation of n°2 of 3D control machines with scanning system for gear teeth.

In 2019
- Installation of robotic islands with automatic control systems with retro-action for automatic adjustment of dimensions and tolerances.
- Company layout update for process flow according to Lean Management.
- Purchase and installation of a CNC machine for the machining of rolled screws

In 2020
- Purchase of n°2 CNC compaction presses of 400 ton and 750 ton
- Purchase and installation of n°2 CNC machining turning centers with fully automatic on-board warehouse loading and unloading

In 2021
- Installation of a 400 ton CNC compaction press.
- Expansion of the tooling department with the purchase of additional n°2 EDM machines (1 wire erosion and 1 head erosion)
- Purchase and installation of inspection and control systems such as
- digital scanning profilometer
- digital optical machine with multiple automatic component recognition
- Purchase and installation of n°1 CNC machining turning center with fully automatic on-board warehouse
- Installation of n°2 compaction presses of 45 ton