Planetary gearbox for roller shutters


Starting from an existing gearbox, built with a standard machining process, the goal was to look for a technical alternative that was also cheaper with a cost reduction of more than 20%.

The starting data were:

  1. the number of motor input revolutions
  2. the number of user output turns
  3. load conditions Max Continuous Torque 120Nm of Peak 150Nm.

R.Biemme-Tech took care of the entire design of the gearbox and above all of the toothing of the various reduction stages, with a final result better than expected:

  1. Maximum continuous torque 140Nm for cycles of 10,000 hours
  2. Maximum Peak torque 160Nm
  3. gearbox efficiency 75% (in three stages)
    cost reduction 35% lower than previous technology.