Universal reducer


One of the most ambitious projects, in some ways still in progress.
The goal was to be able to make a gearbox capable of:

  1. be extremely compact, with a ratio of about 45-50: 1 in a few millimeters;
  2. be extremely robust and shock resistant, with load peaks of 200Nm on a maximum diameter of 50mm;
  3. have an extremely reduced stage clearance J <0.5 ° have an efficiency> 60%.

The solution proposed by R.Biemme-TECH was to solve the problem with a cycloidal gearbox with balanced wheel torque.
The results bring great efficiency to the production process:

  1. reduction ratio in 9mm thickness = 50: 1
  2. Maximum diameter 48mm
  3. Peak torque> 200Nm
  4. stage clearance = 0.35 ° (with load <120Nm hysteresis due to the load included)
  5. efficiency = 70% (with needle roller bearings) / 40% with direct sliding system.”