Electromechanical Components


The freedom in “”formulating”” the chemical composition of the material as needed, thanks to the sintered technology, makes it possible to creat

  1. extremely pure iron components,
  2. with minimal percentages of carbon (extremely functional when a very low magnetic hysteresis is required),
  3. such as, for example, in the case of components for electro-brakes and electromagnets (operating at low frequency).

For higher working frequencies

For higher working frequencies, there are special materials called SMC (Soft Magnetics Composite) which, despite having excellent magnetic permeability, have a very high electrical resistance.
These materials are suitable for building:

  1. rotors and stators of electric motors;
  2. variable frequency electromagnetic systems.

With appropriate constructive measures, even starting from a project born for the realization in sheet metal, it is possible to reach:

  1. to significant copper savings;
  2. or to the considerable reduction of dimensions;
  3. in both cases, thanks to the properties of these materials and the freedom of form that technology offers.